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Takehiro Ando

CEO, Ph.D.

Dedicated to research and development on broad themes for realization of an innovative medical care.

Responsible for organizing the robot systems, sensors development, actuators design for the forceps and the whole electronic circuit design.

Masaaki Ito

Director, M.D., Ph.D.

Recognized as an authority on TaTME in Japan. One of leading surgeons on laparoscopic surgery for rectal cancer. The number of cases is more than a thousand totally.

Responsible for validation of the user interface, clinical trial protocol design and promotion in related academic associations.

Hiroyuki Miyamoto

CTO, Ph.D.

Worked on development of laparoscopic forceps for surgical site exposure previously.

Responsible for the forceps development.

Keita Awano

Worked on robotics from research through commercialization at Japanese industrial robot manufacture at the last position. The total shipments are several thousands. Experienced development of almost all types of factory automation robots.

Responsible for design of the robot from concepts to details, cost management, alignment of assemblies and its verification.

Yuta Fukushima


Researching medical man-machine co-operated systems to enhance human possibilities.

Responsible for software development for the controller and kinematics of the robot.


Worked on dry etching equipment and IOT at leading semiconductor manufacture on the last position.

Responsible for overall design of the systems and RTOS programming.

Hirotaka Yamamoto

In charge of design, manufacturing and regulatory affairs of medical instruments at the last job.

Responsible for medical device regulatory affairs and GUI programming.